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Home Theater 

We specialize in custom dedicated home theaters, man caves, home sports bars and multi-room audio. We can also install just a simple tv and sound bar. We can tailor your home entertainment to whatever your needs may be...and we are darn good at it too!


Is your current Wi-Fi not reaching your entire home or business? Do you experience dropped or slow connection? Get a Wi-Fi solution that is 10X the power with 400% coverage improvement over standard Wi-Fi gear. Outdoor/Indoor solutions, Dual Directional, Omni Directional. We deliver whole home or office coverage with a single access point.  We can test your entire home and show you what you are getting now and what we can do for you..

Security Cameras

We can secure your home, monitor your business and protect your property.  Surveillance Systems can be viewed from around the world through your laptop, desktop computer or mobile device! View from inside your home via monitor or home TV. Four eight, or sixteen camera systems are available for installation with DVR and monitor included.

Lighting Control & Automation

If safety is a priority, lighting control can provide properly-lit spaces at any time of day or night. Whether you want to create a safe pathway of light in a hallway at night, connect light controls to fire alarm and security systems, reliable solutions help ensure safety and security in both residential and commercial settings.

Whether you are leaving for the evening or on an extended vacation, or just coming home,a variety of solutions are available that can enhance the safety and security of your home. You can control both interior and exterior lights from your car with just the touch of a button. In fact, you can turn on your entry and pathway lights from the car as you approach your driveway to ensure optimal visibility - no more fumbling for the light switch as you try to unlock the door. Dimmers can be installed by the stairs and in hallways which illuminate a path of light in key areas of the house making it easier to navigate from one room to the other during the night. Watch the videos for ideas.

Step  1

Step 2

Step 3

1st set up appointment for consultation.

2nd make a plan that fits your budget.

3rd enjoy and tell your friend and family about us.

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